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NFLS Delivery - FAQ

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NFLS Delivery

    FAQ for NFLS OWLSnet Libraries: (below) | Brown Co. Libs.: click here

  • How to use Waltco delivery
  • Manifest listings vs. stops on shared routes
  • Courtesy Returns - (when library items are dropped off at your library that are neither OWLSnet nor ILL items)
  • How to return ILL items through delivery - from libraries beyond OWLSnet
  • ILL items your library received but didn't order - for all NFLS libraries
  • List of old 3 letter library codes for the OWLSnet and Brown Co. Libraries
  • South Central Delivery - WI statewide van delivery network
  • Minitex Delivery: (Mail or Van?) - Minitex 3 state van delivery network (MN, ND, SD)


  • How to use Waltco delivery: (for NFLS OWLSnet libraries)

    1.) The sorting of the NFLS & OWLS OWLSnet libraries' outgoing containers of items
    going to mixed locations is done by Waltco's "Waltco Sort" service at the Waltco
    Green Bay Dispatch
    . Sorting is done 2:00pm daily until complete (approx. 5-8:00pm).

    2.) All items shipped through delivery (with one exception*) need to be labeled
    with the location they're going to (and where they're coming from).
    Please use
    the Transit Slips Procedure.
    * = the one exception is if your library is sending items to another location for catalog
    (or another reason) and you'd like not to have to put a transit slip in every item. If you
    do this, use a tub tag that lists the name of the location and the words "WALTCO DO NOT OPEN".
    You might also want to secure the lid to the tub with packing tape as an extra precaution.

    3.) If Waltco Sort staff receive items without slips/labels (or without clear labeling)
    --and/or do not recognize the 'ship to' location on a slip/label -- Waltco sends those items
    to the NFLS office where NFLS staff scans them into Sierra and/or determines the location
    they're supposed to go to, labels (or re-labels) them and sends them to the correct location.

    4.) Ship all items in a tub (bin) or bag (zippered pouch). For how to correctly label
    tubs and bags for their destinations, use the Sorting and Labeling Procedure.
    Use these printable "Tub Tags" for labeling tubs and bags.

    5.)"Waltco Do Not Open" tags: En route, Waltco drivers may need to open
    tubs and bags and combine them with others to condense space on the vans and/or
    create a supply of extra containers. If you want to send a container to a certain
    location without Waltco opening it (or you are shipping a container of items without
    transit slips), please use a Tub Tag that says "[location] - Waltco Do Not Open".

    6.) Use the Online Supply Order Form for more tubs, bags, and manifests.
    For next day delivery, orders need to be submitted before 2:00pm. After filling
    out the online order form and clicking the submit button, you should see two
    more screens: One screen will display your order and ask you to confirm it by
    clicking the button that says "Please Confirm Info and Submit Order". The next
    screen will display your order and read "Thank you for your order: [your order
    data will also display]". That final screen is the confirmation of your order
    --and that Waltco received your order.

    - The order form also sends a copy of your order to the email address you supplied
    in the order form
    (which is another form of your order confirmation).
    - The order form also generates an email that goes to a tree of 4 Waltco staff (to
    ensure staff coverage for filling supply orders).
    - If you get an email autoreply to your order that a Waltco staff is out of the office,
    that will not affect your order getting processed.
    - Because Waltco can get anywhere from 30-50 supply orders a week, Waltco
    will not send you an additional order confirmation in the form of an email from
    Waltco staff.
    - Waltco staff will only email you directly (using the email address you entered in
    your order form) to notify you if they can't fill your order for supplies. Then, Waltco
    will deliver your order as soon as they are restocked with enough supplies to cover
    your order (sometimes they'll deliver what they can supply one day and ship the
    rest on the next delivery).
    - If Waltco is low on extra tubs or bags, Waltco will not email you with when they'll
    be able to deliver your supplies when they're low, because they can't predict exactly
    which day they'll have enough again.

    6.) View the Waltco Delivery Schedule: NFLS libraries | OWLS libraries
    - for route stops, delivery times, and shared routes.

    7.) Manifest listings vs. stops on shared routes: Waltco provides libraries
    with 2-ply carbon form manifests printed at the Green Bay Dispatch.
    - the white "top" copy is Waltco's copy, the yellow bottom copy is your
    (the library's) copy.
    - libraries listed on your library's manifest reflect what Waltco's
    records show as the locations your library regularly has the most
    items for
    (where your library could regularly sort items into bags
    & tubs labeled specifically for those locations). The locations on the
    manifest are not necessarily the next stops on a shared route.

    To see which stops follow yours on a shared route, check the delivery schedule.
    Example Waltco Manifest - (for Marinette/MRT Sept. 2012)

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  • How to return ILL items through delivery (SC Delivery & Minitex):

    * The South Central Library System's statewide van delivery network
    (or "South Central/SC Delivery") links all the Wisconsin public and most of the WI
    academic libraries (some school and special libraries too). SC delivers to the
    WI public library system offices and the items then move through those systems'
    own delivery services to their member libraries (ie: NFLS and OWLS uses Waltco
    for our internal delivery). Most of the WI academic libraries on SC delivery
    get direct SC delivery (they're their own stop on an SC delivery route).

    Both SC Delivery and Waltco connect daily to the Minitex delivery network
    (the public and academic libraries in MN, ND, and SD). The NFLS office receives SC
    delivery Tue.- Fri. but Waltco M-F --so we currently connect to Minitex through
    Waltco (but NFLS libraries should still label their Minitex items the same as for
    SC delivery items). See item labeling instructions below.

    * If an NFLS OWLSnet library has borrowed an ILL item from a library
    that's on the SC or Minitex delivery network, that item can be returned
    through delivery.
    NFLS OWLSnet libraries should use an OWLSnet White
    Transit Slip
    labeled "TO: Nicolet" (or "TO: NFLS") and enclose the prefilled SC
    routing label and the lender's paperwork with the item (if a prefilled SC routing
    label came with the item).
    Optional: in addition to using an OWLSnet white transit slip, NFLS OWLSnet libraries
    can use removable tape to attach an SC routing label to the item. Use the prefilled
    SC routing label that came with the item if one was included. If not, SC routing
    labels can be printed and filled out using the SC routing labels & packaging guidelines.

    * All original ILL paperwork that came with an item - including transit /
    mailing labels, needs to be securely included with each item being
    returned to a lending library.

    * SC routing labels - "pink labels" [pdf]
    * SC routing labels & packaging guidelines - instructions on how to fill
    out the SC routing labels.
    * Libraries on the SC Delivery network -- use for filling out the pink SC
    routing labels and/or to check if a WI library is on the SC delivery network.

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  • The MINITEX Delivery Network (mail or van?):
    The MINITEX Delivery Network connects most of the public and academic
    libraries of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The NFLS office
    connects daily to Minitex.

    Sometimes libraries on the Minitex delivery network mail items to
    WI libraries because they're not aware of the delivery connection
    between WI and Minitex.

    You can return through delivery an item owned by a Minitex region
    library as long as that library uses the Minitex delivery service.
    the Minitex delivery network -- "Delivery via Courier" means a library is on
    the Minitex delivery network; "Delivery via UPS/USPS" means they only use mail or UPS.

    To return an ILL item to a Minitex library using van delivery, see:
    How to return ILL items through delivery

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  • ILL items (from beyond OWLSnet) that your library receives but didn't order

    List of old 3 letter library codes for the OWLSnet and Brown Co. Libraries

    1.) Use a yellow OWLSnet problem item transit slip labeled: TO: Nicolet.
    With the note "ATTN: Holly/NFLS - ILL missend - not our request " and your
    library, name/initials, and date. Secure that slip and all the lenders' paperwork
    with the item - use removable tape and rubber bands as needed. You can use a
    routing envelope as long as you use the yellow transit slip and the labeling we need.
    2.) as an extra precaution, you can let NFLS know to expect it: Email Holly Handt at NFLS.
    Use an email subject line like: "Lakewood sending NFLS wrong ILL item: [title]"

    When NFLS receives the item we will:
    1.) call the lending library.
    2.) make sure they have the item checked out to the correct NFLS/OWLS library.
    3.) get a new loan period if needed to give the borrowing library enough time when
    they receive it.
    4.) update the lenders' paperwork with the changes made: the correct borrowing
    library's info. and the new due date.
    5.) send the item through delivery to the correct NFLS/OWLS library.

    Why this happens:
    The most common cause of this is a step in the processes of the larger OCLC
    lending libraries that use an OCLC program called "ILLiad" in addition to
    OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing. It requires the lender to select which
    OWLS/NFLS library the request is for. That step is what determines what is
    in the address field of the paperwork the lender sends with the item. Illiad
    is a secondary program - it is the request in OCLC WRS that has the authoritative
    / correct data that NFLS and the lending library refer to for troubleshooting.

    If enough of the patron field of the request is visible on the paperwork the lender
    sent with the item, there will be an old NFLS/OWLS 3 letter library code of
    the correct borrowing library. That 3 letter code is generated when an NFLS/OWLS
    library logs into their OCLC account when creating a request. The patron field carries
    over from the original OCLC request and is not affected by a lenders' Illiad processes.
    If enough of the patron field of the request is visible on the paperwork the lender sent
    with the item, the 3 letter code for the correct NFLS/OWLS library that requested the
    item will be visible on the lenders' request paperwork. For all items NFLS receives through
    the SC/ Minitex delivery or mail, NFLS checks the lenders' paperwork and/or the request in
    OCLC for the correct borrowing library before we send any ILL item to NFLS or OWLS libraries
    through Waltco.

    List of old 3 letter library codes for the OWLSnet and Brown Co. Libraries.

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  • Courtesy Returns: A "courtesy return" is for when a patron drops
    an item off at your library that they borrowed directly from
    another library as that library's patron.
    The item isn't from
    your library or catalog and is not an ILL. Patrons returning library
    items this way are doing so at their own risk --there's no guarantee
    the item will get delivered to the owning library or will be checked
    in using the date the item was dropped off.

    NFLS Courtesy Return Slips: NFLS OWLSnet libraries should use an
    OWLSnet White Transit Slip labeled To: "Nicolet" with the note: "courtesy
    return" and the date the item was dropped off at your library. Optional:
    include an NFLS courtesy return slip securely with or inside the item
    (when sending courtesy returns through Waltco, OWLSnet libraries
    can use a courtesy return slip instead of the white transit slip).  When
    NFLS receives the item, if the item is a Brown Co. Lib. item, NFLS will get
    the item checked into Brown Co.'s circulation system back-dating it with
    the date it was returned at your library (if you've supplied that
    information with the item).

    For all non-OWLSnet or non-Brown Co. library items, NFLS will send the item to
    its owning library with a completed courtesy return slip. If the identity of the
    owning library is unclear, NFLS will try to identify the right library it's from,
    contact that library to let them know we have it, find out if they still need it,
    etc., and send the item to them.

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