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Library Abbreviations

Director/Trustee Links
AAC Administrative Advisory Committee ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ALA American Library Association CCBC Cooperative Children's Book Center
CE Continuing Education COLAND Council on Library and Network Development
CUWL Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries DLTCL Division for Libraries, Technology & Community Learning
DPI Department of Public Instruction FOLUSA Friends of Libraries USA
FVLC Fox Valley Library Council LC Library of Congress
ILL Interlibrary Loan LRC Learning Resources Center
LITAC Library Information Technology Advisory Committee MATS Media & Technology Section (WLA)
LSTA Library Services and Technology Act NEWIL Northeast Wisconsin lntertype Libraries
NFLS Nicolet Federated Library System OWLS Outagamie Waupaca Library System
OWLSnet Outagamie Waupaca Library System Network PLA Public Library Association
R & LL Reference & Loan Library SLD Schools and Libraries Division (USAC-erate)
SOMBAW System Office Managers and Bookkeepers Association of WI SRLAAW System and Resource Library Administrators Association of WI
UWDCC University of Wisconsin Digital Collections WAPL Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians
WAAL Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians WEMA Wisconsin Educational Media Association
WEAC Wisconsin Education Association Council WiLS Wisconsin Library Services
WHO Wisconsin Heritage Online WLA Wisconsin Library Association
WISCAT Wisconsin Catalog WPLC Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
WLTA Wisconsin Library Trustee & Advocates (includes Friends) SORP WI Dept. Sex Offender Registry Program
YSS Youth Services Section